Tuesday, 31 August 2010

#007-#009 :: Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise

Above: The Squirtle Squad attempt to drown Pikachu, hilarity ensues.

In a bit of a follow-on from yesterday, I would've chosen Red had I actually been given the choice.

Instead I was given Pokemon Blue, with the gun-toting tortoise on the cover. Now that made my choice easy with the starter Pokemon since I just had to pick Squirtle. All went well at first as my new buddy made quick work of the opposing Bulbasaur. Now to play the game for real.

A couple of minutes later and you get the obligatory same-type move. In this case Squirtle learned Bubble.

Bubble is perhaps the single weakest attack in the entire game, not just in power but in what it portrays. I'm expected to believe that a bubble is going to harm, much less faint an opponent?

Go ahead, blow a bubble now if you can and see if it topples a building.

Then recall how Bubble in the game toppled a giant rock-snake in one/two attacks.

And you do have to admit those shades were really cool.


  1. What a great book, where can I buy it?


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  5. Wow I used to have that book when I was little, ahh memories

  6. I chose Red for that reason as well. Ahh, nostalgia.

    ...And when the pokemon aren't trolling you, the cities are: Lavender Town's backwards torture-music.


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