Thursday, 9 September 2010

#013-#015 :: Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill

One day in Viridian a Weedle grew,
He ate some leaves and a Caterpie too,
Then a trainer came passing through
And caught little Weedle with a Pokeball he threw.

Now Weedle had to fight at the trainer’s request,
But he was trained in what he did best,
Killing Caterpie was nothing like a test,
He did it all day without even a rest.

They travelled on to the gym in Pewter,
And beat Brock with Squirtle’s water,
Weedle fought hard and became Kakuna,
He said wow, why hadn’t he evolved sooner?

Kakuna learned Harden and became tough,
In Mount Moon, he played a bit rough,
But before that he poisoned Jigglypuff
And trainer caught a Geodude called Sho’Nuff!

Kakuna came to Cerulean,
Beating Sandshrew and consuming them,
The gym battle was won without question,
Kakuna poisoning Staryu for attention!

Kakuna became the drill with which to pierce the heavens,
Beedrill was his name, and he attacked in sevens
Beedrill grew in power and dimensions,
With trainer by his side, money wasn’t too tight to mention.

Beedrill went south and found Butterfree,
A mother in part to the murdered Caterpie,
Bug Trainer smiled in his own private glee,
As Beedrill fell to a critcal Psybeam!

Beedrill, the predator,
Now, without successor,
The trainer lost in three turns or under,
His Nuzlocke challenge was now forever over.


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  3. beedrill is an awesome name, haha. like DRILLING bees? Awesome.

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